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Abhi's Legacy Group

This is a community of like-minded business professionals seeking to exchange ideas and connect about strategies to execute to achieve a minimum 20-25% ROI passively with real estate.

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Let's get work done.

I get it. Hanging out and executing on tasks together is so much better and more fun - all week long! This is what you can expect from the community:

A New Perspective

Gaining insight into your current job or business activities is helpful when deploying a passive income strategy. My group is here to help you answer those initial, tough questions.

Market Strategy

Every market is different. Let's work together to analyze what's recent news and happenings to give you the edge when identifying  passive income opportunities ripe for investment.


There's nothing like the thrill of executing to get a deal done, knowing that you've done the homework and minimized your risk. It's even better when we ride the wave together. Let's have some fun!

And, there's more...

We love to talk about new strategies, market shifts, and upcoming events we're attending. The best part? You’ll be the first to know what’s going on, and you can pick our brains too.

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This is not just for ordinary people. This group is only for high-income earners looking for partnerships and advanced strategies that can help you earn amazing returns by passively investing in real estate.


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