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Summit & Crowne is a real estate investment company with a focus on creating growth opportunities for our multifamily operator partners while achieving returns for our accredited investors.

What We Do

Over the years, we’ve developed great relationships with operators from around the country. As a result, we work alongside our affiliated development and management companies and to identify opportunities, raise investment capital, manage and stabilize the asset, and optimize cash-flowing value-add Class B and C multi-family apartment complexes and mobile home parks nationwide through a commitment to continual improvement in management and strategic planning.

We strive to find operators who provide quality, affordable housing for the residents and communities that positively impact those within the metro areas serviced. During the year, resident activities and events are held to keep everyone connected and involved in the communities where they live.

The Fund Invests In Operators With A Proven Track Record In...

Multi-family apartments: Economies of scale work in our favor here, especially in strong growth markets and areas in the path of progress.

Mobile Home Parks: This is an alternative niche that has a history of strong cash flow, if acquired correctly.

Why Multifamily?

The apartment complex and mobile home park markets, as an investment vehicle, offers real estate investors greater returns with less risk than other types of investments.

For example, The apartment market is less reliant on business cycles for occupancy and will continue to benefit from demographic trends and population growth.

Additionally, multifamily ownership is more management-intensive than other asset classes. This helps to ensure multiple “value added” opportunities within the same transaction.

The best part? The demand for apartments and mobile homes is driven a population that is transitional and is expanding in nature.

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I created the Real Estate Deal Talk Legacy Group in early 2015 to surround like-minded investors with proven real estate operator rockstars who can help you take your investment philosophy, market knowledge, acquisition strategy, and access to deals to the next level.

My favorite part of it all: access to industry insights, blogs, and vetted deals from the pros. As a busy entrepreneur, business, or medical professional, you don’t have the time to identify and assess hundreds of real estate opportunities to find the one that makes sense. With our focus on multi-family and mobile home park real estate, my team and I do that for you.

I’ve assembled a team to help all of us capitalize on deals that just make sense that also offer risk-adjusted returns.


1:1 consulting

Crafted for for professionals ready to create generational wealth.

This is for people who already have a six-figure income and if you are already doing very well as a business professional, entrepreneur, corporate executive, medical professional, or artist.

Let’s say you’re already earning 100k+ a year, but you want to identify the options that are available to you to significantly create generational wealth and grow your yearly passive cashflow, this may be a good option for you.

I’ll help you understand: the nuances of the real estate industry, your local market, how to find and analyze real estate opportunities and optimize them for passive income, and implement asset protection techniques that will shift the majority of liability away from you personally.

By application only, I work with a maximum of 5 clients at a time.


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