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The Summit & Crowne Fund

Summit & Crowne is a real estate investment company with a focus on creating growth opportunities for our multifamily operator partners while achieving returns for our accredited investors.

The fund targets annualized returns ranging from 8%-20%.


Our Investments Include:

Volatility Hedge

All our investment opportunities have little to no correlation to Wall Street.

In fact, many investors use multi-family real estate to hedge against inflation and volatility.

Experienced Operators

You'll have the opportunity to invest alongside operators who have proven systems and in-house management to ensure quality control.

This ensures every investment dollar is maximized.

Above-Average Returns

The fund's annualized returns range from 8%-20%.

We can achieve this because of thorough due diligence of both the operator and opportunity.


Most investors will never have the opportunity to join in and participate in these asset classes as individual investors.

Based on our experience, my team and I hand-select operators and opportunities and make them available for you!

The Summit & Crowne Fund

Summit & Crowne is a real estate investment company with a focus on creating growth opportunities for our multifamily operator partners while achieving returns for our accredited investors.

Why Summit & Crowne?

We measure our success by a history of risk-adjusted returns for our investors, a proven track record, and the amount of positive impact our operator partners create in for their multifamily communities. We enjoy delivering results for our investors by identifying opportunities that match time horizons, risk tolerance, and return expectations.

What We Do

Over the years, we’ve developed great relationships with operators from around the country. As a result, we work alongside our affiliated development and management companies and to identify opportunities, raise investment capital, manage and stabilize the asset, and optimize cash-flowing value-add Class B and C multi-family apartment complexes and mobile home parks nationwide through a commitment to continual improvement in management and strategic planning.

We strive to find operators who provide quality, affordable housing for the residents and communities that positively impact those within the metro areas serviced. During the year, resident activities and events are held to keep everyone connected and involved in the communities where they live.

What the Fund Invests In

We're looking for operators who have a proven track record in the following two categories:

Multi-family apartments: Economies of scale work in our favor here, especially in strong growth markets and areas in the path of progress.

Mobile Home Parks: This is an alternative niche that has a history of strong cash flow, if acquired correctly.

Why Multifamily?

The apartment complex and mobile home park markets, as an investment vehicle, offers real estate investors greater returns with less risk than other types of investments.

For example, The apartment market is less reliant on business cycles for occupancy and will continue to benefit from demographic trends and population growth.

Additionally, multifamily ownership is more management-intensive than other asset classes. This helps to ensure multiple “value added” opportunities within the same transaction.

The best part? The demand for apartments and mobile homes is driven a population that is transitional and is expanding in nature.


Fund Core Principles

Having a set of guiding principles that outline the foundation and vision when engaging any multifamily operator or real estate investment is paramount.

Resident &
Community Impact

Our focus is always on the customers: our residents. Without completely understanding their needs, along with the needs of the community, we can't win.

Due Diligence

Conducting the necessary underwriting for any transaction is important. Our team thoroughly analyzes each viable multi-family operator, apartment complex, and mobile home park opportunity to ensure we're making the right decision for the fund and its investors.

Passive Income

Creating an online course means you can be selling your product all the time, giving you a source of sustainable revenue.


We're happy to be patient to find the right operator and the right deal, even in a seller's market. Patience is always key.

Let's Get Started

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Your Money Should Work Harder Than You

We deliver results by going above and beyond for our operators and residents and creating opportunities that match time horizons, risk tolerance, and consistent returns.


The first benefit of smart real estate acquisitions is income.


It's not always a given, unless improvements are made, but we feel appreciation is like a cherry on top a cake.


Depreciating a real estate asset is an amazing tax benefit we capture across all our properties.


Using the right leverage, we're able to affect more communities, change lives, and work with awesome people.

Steps to Invest

We make it simple to understand and invest.

Step 1: Discovery Call

This is the best way to get to know each other! Discover our vision for the Summit & Crowne Fund and available investment opportunities. Let us know what your investment goals are and what you're looking for in your portfolio. We're here to help.

Step 2: Review Fund Documents

We'll send over all of the information you need to make an informed investment decision.

This is where you'll review the Private Placement Memorandum and Subscription Agreement of the fund and initiate transfer of funds.

Step 3: Welcome

Review all signed and countersigned documentation for your investment and receive a special welcome gift!

Step 4: Execution & Delivery

Watch your equity grow and receive distributions. Stay as involved as you would like with regular updates, investor calls, and even live, exclusive meetups!

"Abhi is one of a kind in the investment world. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that he is always open and willing to share. His passion for helping other investors is evidenced by his informative radio show, podcast, articles, and instructional videos. But don't put him in the box of some "guru", Abhi is the real deal. He teaches from real world experience with a been there done that approach. I would trust Abhi's handling of capital, executing deals, guidance, and mentorship for those just starting out."

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Lorraine Beato

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